The Stash

Cash always hides his dog candies/treats. Once, we found a handful of them on the soffa, between the cushions and behind the pillows when we removed them for cleaning. Tonight, he decided to get off his sleeping spot and bring the candy to the side of the bed, forcing me to switch on the lights to check on what he was doing. So, I told him "Varsågod", meaning "go ahead". With the dog bone still between his teeth, he got up and hid it under Husse's blanket. He moved the sheets with his snout and covered it with a white towel [he found somewhere].

After that, he moved to sleep between my feet. 

More Friends for Cash?

We saw these posters in ÖoB. I really wish we had enough resources to have these much dogs to keep Cash company all the time! We would all have a grand time playing in the yard, everyday. 

Seated By The Door

Today was a big improvement on Cash's behavior.

We woke up this morning and he sat by the bedroom door and looked at us. I followed him to the hallway and he then sat by the front door, while looking at just me, this time.

Before this happened, we have let him out into the front yard to do #1 and #2 already, so I told him to wait and then he grunted a little. I assumed he wanted to do a #2 for the second time this morning. So, Mårten took him for a walk and Cash dumped a huge pile afterwards.

He came back home really happy. That, I am pretty sure of, since he had been jumping up and down beside the chair where I sat to write this entry.

Will Cash Stay Out in the Rain?

It was raining and drizzling a little yesterday, but despite the weather we decided to take a walk. Amber stays with us from time to time, she is a mix between a Rusky Toy and a Shih Tzu. We forgot one of their leashes in the car so we decided to connect Amber to Cash via a wire that we have previously installed on Cash's harness. 

There were times when it felt like Cash was dragging Amber because of how small her steps are and how much faster Cash's pace is, but we did this for only about 2 meters. It was just from the door to the garage, just so neither of them would run away. Below is Amber after walking for almost an hour outside. I guess I could say that she almost started looking like a big rat, a much smaller one than Cash, of course.

The video below is when we got inside. Although they could be the best of friends at any given time, they could also be the worst of enemies and can bark or fight each other without end unless we step in to stop them. I tried putting subtitles on the video because I was talking in Swedish but I was basically telling Cash to either go outside in the rain or stay inside and stop fighting with Amber. Did he listen? Did he want to go out into the rain instead? We'll see!

I've translated the conversation since we only talk to him in Swedish and/or Filipino :) Switch on the captions (2nd icon on the lower right hand of the screen) for subtitles.

Doggy Feelgood - Min Bästa Väns Godbitar!

Last night, we dropped by ICA Maxi Stormarknad (one of the biggest groceries in Sweden with branches all over the country) and went to the dog section. We had to refill our "doggy cabinet" with food, dog bones, and dog candies.

We saw a deal on Doggy Feelgood which looked interesting. There were coupons for more than half the price off, and a free white and silver Doggy Feelgood can dispenser that looked absolutely nice! It was oblong-shaped, about 4-inches in height, the background was white and pictures of different fruits and dog candies were embossed onto them. I could see it being placed on top of a kitchen counter without looking out of place, so I thought it was just perfect to buy them.

Doggy Feelgood Treats
Left: Kamomill & Ingefära (Chamomile and Ginger)
Right: Rosmarin & Peppermint (Rosemary and Peppermint)

We decided to start with Chamomile and Ginger to see if the terrier in Cash would actually be calmer, and it worked. For the next few days that we were giving him these dog treats, he actually would sit or lay on the couch during the afternoons and patiently wait for husse to come home. However, he is still pretty much a terrier so there are days (despite taking these treats) that he would still be stretching onto my thighs (which is a sort-of signal that he wants to go out). I would have to say, though, that whenever I opened this can, he would instantly run towards me for it (no matter what room in the house he was in). 

The plastic pack is resealable, and I noticed it just after cutting near the top where the sign says I should. It is easier to bring in my purse, without the hassle of repacking it onto something else to bring with me when walking Cash. 

The treats will be done soon and we plan to buy some more next week, we are thinking of buying the Vanilla and Nypon flavors. We will see how Cash will react to them, and even try to upload a video of how excited he gets upon smelling these treats.

The Paw Shake

We have been attempting to teach Cash several tricks, but we could only get away with how to "paw shake" for now. He can get a bit...uh, stubborn. Sometimes. The video will even show you that :)

We talk to him in Swedish, so the command "tass" means "paw".

The first time I taught him how to "paw shake" was the day before we recorded this video. After running around in the garden, he came into the house freezing cold as it is winter here right now. He got up on the sofa and jumped onto his favorite spot in the house, the windowsill. The heater just below it provides him warmth. I served him his water and food, making sure he sits first before starting.

After awhile, I came back to him and offered him a treat. I showed him a dog treat and told him "ta en bit," which means "take a bite." I put the dog bone treat on the side of his mouth and he bit a piece. Then, I asked him to sit, and he did. First, I said "tass" several times with the bone treat in front of him. He could not focus as the smell of the treat was distracting him, but I continued on. I said "tass" for the fourth time, this time holding his paw and shaking it. I let him take another bite. I repeated the process of holding the dog treat in front of his nose every time I said "tass", shook his paw, and letting him bite at the treat afterwards.

Before we finished the entire bone treat, he was able to raise his paw slightly and put it back down. I said "Bra, Cash!" That means, "Good, Cash!" in English. Even though he was not able to fully comply with the command, I raised his paw again, said "tass", and made him bite from the dog treat.

He was able to get the command when I went back to get another bone treat, and that was what I did the night before we recorded this video. He is a bit faster at doing it now, so there is indeed progress. It helps to refresh their memory of teaching them the trick before eating. This morning, I told him "tass" instead of "sit" before eating and it worked perfectly. I know that he was hungry so before all that, I asked him to "sit" and gave him a treat first. I guess you can call it an appetizer :)

First Birthday!

Just The Bowl After Eating The Birthday Food! Definitely wiped clean!

What is in a birthday? It is that special day when you show your appreciation to the people you love and make them feel how important they are to you especially on this time of the year when they were born.

Cash has been with us since June and I know that it has only been a little over six months but he has indeed changed our lives forever. On this day, we want to him to know how special he is. Last night, at exactly 12 midnight, Husse and I sang a happy birthday song to him in Swedish. We also told him that he will eat a very special type of food that we can only serve once every year :)

When we woke up this morning after he had done his #1 and #2, he came up to us and kept wagging his tail. Unfortunately, we have not bought the food for his celebration yet. Neither have we prepared it, so I assumed he was so hungry that he ate the leftover dry dog food he had in his bowl from yesterday. We went to the grocery store, got a couple of chicken sausages and meatballs.

I could not say that he waited patiently by our feet while we started slicing and cooking his food. IF he could jump enough to get on the kitchen counter, he would have probably done it so here is the first video for today of Husse giving him a "taste test" of the chicken sausage!

We try to give him treats at least once a day (Dentastix), and a dog biscuit if we have to leave him for some hours at home. Food has always been our main concern since we have adopted him, one that gives him much sustenance. Since it is his birthday, we decided to give him something different. 

First Birthday of Cash!First Birthday of Cash!

So, the first layer was rice with bearnaise sauce. Second layer was meatballs and chicken sausage topped with bearnaise sauce. Here is how it looks!

Luxurious Lunch for the First Birthday of Cash!

Below is the video on how we tried to make him calm down first before going head-on to the bowl :D

There you have it, I think my voice was a bit too high-pitched since I was really excited and happy for him on this day. As you can see in the background, there was a bit of mess in the kitchen as renovations are still ongoing! See you on the next post :)

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